IC Buck/Boost XL6007E1

  • Mã sản phẩm: TD0459

  • Còn trong kho

  • 14,820đ

So sánh sản phẩm

  • Wide 3.6V to 24V Input Voltage Range
  • Positive or Negative Output Voltage
  • Programming with a Single Feedback Pin
  • Current Mode Control Provides Excellent Transient Response
  • 1.25V reference adjustable version
  •  Fixed 400KHz Switching Frequency
  • Maximum 2A Switching Current
  • SW PIN Built in Over Voltage Protection
  • Excellent line and load regulation
  • EN PIN TTL shutdown capability
  • Internal Optimize Power MOSFET
  • High efficiency up to 90%
  • Built in Frequency Compensation
  • Built in Soft-Start Function
  • Built in Thermal Shutdown Function
  • Built in Current Limit Function
  • Available in SOP8L package